Piano Music - In the side menu, if you click on the music (speaker) icon you can listen to some of my piano music.  

- For more info visit my Piano website at www.MusicbyJohn.com 

John is the only professional photographer in Scotland who is also a professional pianist. Along with giving you amazing photos of your special day, John can also provide all your music for the ceremony as MP3s and can play live for an hour during the meal. Any song you want, John can record in his own unique style, which you can play as you walk down the aisle.  He loves composing, having written over 1000 pieces of music.  He can make it up as he goes along, simply pressing record on my keyboard and seeing where I go.  He can even write you a unique song in any style of music, including a hymn (track 3 on player).  He has written four musicals and three albums.  He is hoping to produce his first musical in 2019. 

At a wedding there is a mixture of ages and music types.  Thats why he can play classics like Queen, Pink Floyd, Eagles and the Beatles as well as playing new music like Linkin Park, Bruno Mars, Olly Murs,  Psy, Elbow, Mumford and Sons and Take That.   He can simply play the piano in the background or play the piano  to a backing track.   Along with traditional pop songs and wedding classics he can also play themes from the TV and movies including Superman, Star Wars, James Bond and the Simpsons.  He can play classical pieces of music by Chopin, Beethoven or Rachmaninov.   He can also play songs you would hear at a cocktail or jazz bar, for example Fly me to the Moon and the theme to "Taxi."  Examples can be heard on the music player below. 

He can also provide Karaoke style music where live instruments are played along with a backing track.

He taught myself music but he has a gift when it comes to hearing music.  He can sight read music at a Grade 8 level and can improvise to any piece of music.   He has a large playlist of songs, but if a guest wanted him to play their favourite song that is not on the list, that is not a problem.   If he doesn't know a song he can simply hear it online, get the chords and he is ready to play. You could even make up your own playlist so you know he will only be playing your favourite songs.  He can also arrange a classical version of your favourite song, adding strings, horns and percussion. 

He has a full size 88 key keyboard and a smaller portable Yamaha keyboard.   

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