Wedding photographer Glasgow


 In order to find the photos of the wedding you attended, either search the drop down venue or ask the bride and groom for the log in details. There can be 2 galleries that come up.  The first will be the main gallery with all the photos.  The second will be a smaller gallery with photos of the guests.  In this second gallery it will be easier to find the photos you want to order.  

I can provide ANY photo taken on the day as a JPEG or a print. Next to the image you want to buy click on the shopping cart options. Select the option, pay for it via Paypal and I will send it to you.



With the "Image as JPEG" option once you have paid for it I can either email you it or provide you with an "image key" so you can go to the "download dock" page and download it from there.


If your photos is not in the gallery simply email me your request and I will send it out to you. For example;

"I was wearing a red dress with a white flower in my hair and you took my photo outside the church. You also took my photo at the reception. Could you send me them as 7x5 prints please."






I can also send you framed or mounted prints, please contact me for prices.

I will only send guest's photos once the bride and groom have received their photos.  








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