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WEDDING PACKAGES - Download the price list here.  

When you book me as your photographer, you simply pay for my time on the day.  After the wedding you can then order albums from me.  It is at this point that you pay for your album(s).


Full day with photos on DVD only.  


  • Full day  - from bridal preparation unto the first few dances
  • Every High Res photo on USB with permission to reproduce any of the images. 
  • 12x9 40 page storybook album (worth £225)
  • 50 edited photos
  • 10 10x8 prints of your choice
  • Photos uploaded to my website for ordering

Finish at 10pm                                   £50 extra

Finish at the last dance                  £100 extra


I can now offer a 3 hour package with every photo on DVD with permission to reproduce any image.  £395

I also have a reception only package for couples who are getting married abroad but having their reception in Scotland.  


WEDDING ALBUMS (all sizes in inches)              (Albums can be ordered at any time)

The Bellissimo range


Bellissimo albums typically come with 20 pages (40 sides)


Extra pages can be added - £10 per double spread


There are various covers including, acrylic, hessian, tweed, metallic and leather



8x6 album                                                                  £135


12x9 traditional leather cover album                      £225


12x9 Classico album with metallic pages                £245


12x12 acrylic cover album                                       £295


16x10 traditional leather cover album                    £395


10 small Bellissimo albums (5x 3.5)                         £150



All albums contain the same photos.   


12x12 Bellissimo 30 page album with acrylic cover, plus 2 8x8 parents album. 


12x12 Bellissimo 30 page album with acrylic cover AND 2 8x8 parents album AND 10 mini albums.  

The Artemis range


A 10x10 Artemis album with 30 pages.  You can also have your name embossed and have a photo on the front cover for an extra £30.




Five 3x3 mini Artemis albums with different photos in their own display boxes.   

The prints are stuck onto the page, they are not printed on the page. 

Un-edited video DVD                               

For no extra charge you can have a video of the ceremony, speeches and first dance. 

You get to keep all the footage as an MP4 file. 

Pre-wedding shoot                                    


  • ·         30 minutes with every photo on DVD costs £195. 
  • ·         With a signing print costs £295 (8x10 print mounted inside a 20x24 frame) 
  • ·         Included in the Shiel and Awe packages


  • ·         It's all about having fun! Around 2 hours with all photos on DVD costs £350.


You and your guests can have fun photos taken by dressing up with the many different types of props as well as having traditional portraits taken.  An unlimited amount of photos can be taken.  Your guests can also leave video messages for you both.  Your guests can buy photos on the night as well as online after the event.  The photolaugh booth is set up during the meal at a location agreed by the venue.  It is available from 7pm to 8pm. 


With full day photography coverage:        7-8pm        Free.  

                                                                  8-11pm      £150.


Without full day photography coverage:   One hour costs £150          

Two hours costs £195

  • Photos taken when and where it suits you.  You get to keep every photo on DVD. 
  • £95 for 30 minutes,
  • £150 per hour
  • £250 for two hours with an unlimited amount of photos taken. 
  • You can choose from a wide selection of products to show off your photos, from traditional framed prints to modern acrylic wraps.  
  • I can also do other types of photography including Graduations and balls, christenings, parties, pets, boudoir and nursery photos.



The piano is played for an hour during the meal.   I can play both classical and modern music. 


  • 1 hour costs £100


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