CREATING STORYBOOK ALBUMS - Storybook albums include the Bellissimo and Artemis ranges.  The standard album comes with a leather cover.  .  

Creating your album should be fun, it will be worth all the effort when you see it for the first time, and thirty years later.  Most couples take several months to pick their photos for their album but as soon as I receive the photos I will make a start on the album.  

The standard size of Belissimo album included in the packages is 12x9 inches.  

You choose your favourite photos to go into the album, on average between 60-80.  The standard album has 40 pages but if you wanted to include more photos in your album, you can order 2 pages at a cost of £10.  When you receive the proofs there will be 20 images, each image is a double page spread.  

There will always be a small border around the pages, this is because I have to keep the photos within the "safe" zone so that the images won't be cut off.   The border can be black or white.  I also like to have a border between photos.  A square photo wont fit into a rectangular box without feet being cut off so if possible send me the landscape version of the photo or vice versa.  

Once you have selected your favourite photos from the DVDs I gave you, burn them onto a CD or flash drive.  You could also send them via "wetransfer".  This way I can be sure I have the correct images.  The more information you give me at this stage regarding the layout of the album the better.  For example you may want to rename the photos 001-100 so I know what order they have to go into the album.  I will know roughly the order but it may be months since I photographed your wedding and I may not be able to remember the exact order. 

It is possible at this stage for me to Photoshop some images, for example make them black and white, sepia, colour highlights etc before they are uploaded to be put in the album.   I also spend more time editing the images to make sure the colours are perfect and they are cropped.  

Post the CD / flash drive out to me at;

John McDermott

Flat 4, 148 Milngavie Road, Bearsden G61 3EA

 (Please ensure the correct postage has been paid.)


I will then make up a first draft of the album and email the proofs to you.  At this stage the photos arent laid out properly on the page, I just want to make sure the they are the correct images and that they are in the right order.  At this point you can add or remove photos.  For example, move around the photos of the speeches or make one photo larger.   At this stage you can tell me how you want the final album laid out.  Every couple has their album laid out differently, like I said before, there are no rules. 

I will then email you another set of proofs.  The photos are laid out as they would be in the final album.   I can do some more changes to the album at this stage.

Then I will email you the next set of proofs.  I charge £10 for every change I have to make to the album from this point onwards.  On average it takes 3 sets of proofs to make sure you are happy with the album.  Once you are happy with the lay out I send it to the lab and it should be ready around three weeks later.

During the summer months it can take 4-6 weeks to complete your album and have it ready for collection. 

Then when it arrives I let you know and we can arrange a time for you to collect it. 


The sample applies for any parents albums ordered.   These albums are 8x6 in size and the standard album contains up to 30 pages (15 double page spreads).  Each extra double page spread costs an extra £10.  Therefore the photos in these albums will be laid out differently and will be smaller than in the main album.   In packages 3 and 4 it is possible to have 1 main, 2 parents and 10 mini albums that contain the same photos and have 40 pages each.  

If ordering outwith a package, most couples order two identical parents albums.  However, if you want two different albums with different photos then I have to charge an additional £30 for my time in making up two seperate albums. 

Sample layout 1

Sample layout 2

Sample layout 3

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